Sweet Fukushu and its short prologue Star Fetchers are premium games for the PC.

They both utilize the same in-house engine and present a fast-paced combat system mixed into a

strange world filled with weird and exciting characters.

Aesthetically the games take themes from dystopian cyberpunk conspiracy theories, black comedy,

and modern street culture and blends it together to create a wonderfully decadent and bizarre world.

By using the mouse cursor, the player will guide your sword towards the target and attack exactly as you like.

Take note: The cut is dynamic and is entirely based on the angle of the incoming attack

Each combat encounter will be quick, bloody and adrenaline-filled as you get to battle hoards of enemies who are unmatched by your reflexes.

Slow down time to get some extra precision out of your attacks, feel that every attack you do really matters in this

1 hit kill combat system.

If sword isn't your style become a master of the gun-fu

Quick restart to jump into action immediately upon death


Star Fetchers, a kind of quasi-prequel/parallel story to the events in Sweet Fukushu.

The game follows the life of a street gang called

The Thornz and their struggle to take over the gray zone district, which is currently under control by numerous vicious gangs.

The Thornz is one of the smaller crews in the gray zone, but they are determined to make a name for themselves by going after the most dangerous gang in the zone.

Doghead and Bones

Shacked up in a seemingly endlessly high apartment block, The Thornz will have to infiltrate the tower and battle their way to the top. 

How far does the tower go?

And what exactly will they find at the top?


In a small village, a mighty samurai lives.

Powerful and disciplined he has rejected every temptation in his life, even going as far to rid himself of his name.

One day he is sent out into the world to destroy the evil that awaits beyond, soon his worldview crashes down as he finds himself in a large modern megalopolis just beyond the edge of his village.

Aggressive and bizarre gangs roam the streets of the city with the only intent of expanding turf and making the world as miserable as they are.

The samurai conclude that the only way to liberate the city from evil is to go after the gangs and destroy every last one of them.

And as a fluke, the samurai soon finds himself joining up with one of the locals, ironically starting a street gang of his own in the process.







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